FIX Archive

Europe’s longest running performance and live art biennial: FIX.


FIX 15

The 11th instalment of FIX took place over eight days with events, performances, art, music, talks, screenings and a whole plethora of events in between. Thursday 3rd December (the opening night) encompassed various events taking place around the cultural block that surrounds Catalyst. This celebratory evening emphasises the importance of collaboration in the arts community in Belfast, particularly the need to work together to achieve something great for everyone.


FIX 13

The 10th anniversary of FIX Performance Art Festival was held from 4th – 20th September 2013 at Catalyst Arts and in venues around Belfast.

Bringing together both emerging and established artists and performance collectives, FIX 13 launched an open platform event for all those wanting to be involved.

The most heavily programmed FIX to date, with over twenty performances across a two week period. FIX 13 was an integral part of Catalyst Arts’ twentieth anniversary celebrations.


FIX 11

The 9th edition of FIX Performance Art Festival was held from 10 -15 November 2011 in Catalyst Arts and around the city centre of Belfast.

Over 5 days, 22 performances explored how improvisation operates at the heart of actions and is open to all forms of performance art including sound art, participatory, interventionist and networked. The program offerd a selection of artists from Serbia, USA, Iraq, Germany alongside local artists.